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About KolueRful kReations

Hello and WELCOME to KolueRful kReations, where I bring abstract art to life, through the kReativity of handmade jewelry, press on nails and other novelty items such as coasters, keychains, bookmarks etc.

I am Romona Robinson, CEO and Designer, Born in Cincinnati, OH and I am now a current resident of Homewood, Alabama.

I specialize in custom designed press on nails and custome made beaded jewelry mixed with very light wooden pieces painted with acrylic paint and freestyle hand designed using nail gel liners kReating abstract line art designs. All designs are original freestyled designs by me.

I started my KolueRful journey during COVID in 2020, where I had to teach myself how to do my nails since everything was shut down. I got tired of trying to do all of the fancy designs and just kind of kReated my own style using abstract line art. I then started to wonder if I could make jewelry using the same techniquie that I started for my press on nails, so I ordered some lightweight wooden pieces from Amazon and got to work and the rest is history. 

My customers can shop via my online store or they can send me a message via the let'chat feature or go to any of my social media links listed below.

Also visit my gallery where you can see some of my very first kReations that was made for past customers.

Thank you visiting my site and may you have a KolueRful Day!


Romona Robinson, CEO & Designer

Our Koluerful Mission and Vision

 Vision Statement

To be a leading provider of custom made hand designed jewelry, renowned for my exceptional uniquely free style painted pieces and unparalleled customer service


Mission Statement

My mission is to kReate unique one-of-a-kind custom designed jewelry, that reflectsthe individuality and personal style for my customers. I am committed to using some of the finest materials and meticulously craft each piece with precision and passion. Through my dedication to exceptional quality and attention to detail, I aim to exceed my my customers expectations and kReate timeless pieces with imagination, innovation and originality. 

Paint Brushes
Pink Sugar

Products Used For My kReations

The Start of my KolueRful Journey

take a look at some of my first kReations 

Pink Dazzle

Cleveland Browns 
His & Her set

Purple Sunset

Christmas 2022

New Years Eve 2022

Childrens Set

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